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Please consider becoming an active member of the Stow PTO for the 2023-2024 school year. We are always looking for volunteers to help in a wide variety of ways with minimal time commitment required. Review committees and events and sign up to volunteer for as many as you can either through the website or app ("Volunteer" menu)! Once event planning is underway, specific tasks with time committments will be posted so please visit frequently to review opportunities.

We are planning on a number of events during the 2023/2024 year!

What? When?
Back to School BBQ August
Boosterthon Fun Run September
Center Halloween Party October
Staff Holiday Gifts November
Talent Show January
Arts Buffet April
Wizards Basketball Fundraiser May
Staff Appreciation May 
End-of-Year Picnic June


Center Gift

We still need a little more help. We have a huge goal of $60,000 for 2024/2025. We need to ask, if you could please contribute any gift you are able to help the Stow PTO provide more enrichments beyond the in school programming that has historically been in place.

The suggested amount to help us reach our fundraising goal of $60,000 is $50 per student. We understand that every family has different circumstances, and we remain grateful for donations of any size.  

For a more detailed explanation of our ask, please refer to the Center Gift page.

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Hale Gift

The money we solicit from parents funds things outside of the regular school budget and we work closely with Principal Grady to identify needs.

The priorities identified to date are: scholarships, buses to field trips, new equipment, and staff appreciation. Last year, we solicited separately for staff appreciation, but ideally, our family community would make one single gift to support all the needs. The suggested amount for this is $50 per student. We understand that every family has different circumstances, and we remain grateful for donations of any size. 

To kick-off our year, please make your gift now to support our students, our teachers, our staff and our school.

We cannot do this important work without your support.

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SPTO Sponsor Packages

Be an SPTO Sponsor.

Please consider one of these packages. Your sponsorship allows us to expand our enrichment programming, strengthen our STEAM initiatives, ensure that offsite field trips can occur and support teacher appreciation efforts.

Submit by 2/10/24 to secure your spot on the Finley shirts...

Why Sponsor?

  • Community Impact: Support vital programs and initiatives within our schools.
  • Visibility: Gain exposure through logo placement, website advertising, and event signage.
  • Community Recognition: Be recognized and appreciated by parents, teachers, and students.
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Thank you SPTO Sponsors!