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SPTO Fundraiser


Monies raised are used for STEAM programs in classrooms, after school clubs run by school teachers, All School meetings and presentations. All students directly benefit from these programs.

Bonus for you: There is nothing you need to sell, and no volunteering required!

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Center Hale PTO Meeting Agendas

Description Date Posted
May Agenda 2023 05/17/2023
April Agenda 2023 04/04/2023
March Agenda 2023 03/04/2023
February Agenda 2023 02/08/2023
January Agenda 2023 01/11/2023
December Agenda 2022 12/07/2022
November Agenda 2022 11/16/2022
October Agenda 2022 10/19/2022
September 2022 09/19/2022

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