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Donations collected now build the budget for the 2024/2025 school year and go toward student enrichment and staff appreciation. The Center and Hale combined fundraising goal is $60,000.

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We try to hold meetings the 3rd Wednesday of every month. We attempt to avoid conflicts with other school and town events as best we can. All caregivers and staff are welcome to attend!

Meetings are where the planning happens and we want input from the entire school community.

Agendas are posted to our website prior to meetings and distributed through email and FaceBook along with reminders to try and attend. Minutes are posted to our website as well and are usually a month delayed as they have to be voted in for approval at each post meeting. Please see the More Info menu for additional meeting details.

When we meet in person, we also try to utilize Google Meet for those that can not attend. Refer to below for planned meeting dates, times, and locations. These are also available in the calendar view.

October 3rd (Tuesday) - 7pm -

@Center School (Google Meet Option)

October 18th - 7pm -

@Center School (Google Meet Option)

November 15th - 7pm - Google Meet

December 6th - 7pm - Google Meet

January 17th - 7pm - Google Meet

February 21th - 7pm - Google Meet

March 20th - 7pm - Google Meet

April 17th - 8pm -

@Center School (Google Meet Option) 

May 15th - 7pm -

@Center School (Google Meet Option)

June 5th - 7pm -

@Center School (Google Meet Option)

Google Meet Link: