Dear Center Families:

Throughout the year, we hold social events to keep our school community connected. We also hold fundraising events to bring in monetary support for the programs we fund for Center. And, this year, we have local business sponsors who contribute directly to our fundraising goal. Thank you wonderful sponsors!

But, we still need a little more help from YOU. We have an ambitious fundraising goal of $60,000 (combined with Hale too). Throughout the COVID years we continued to spend down our reserves to support our students, teachers, staff, and school. Times were tough for us all so we didn't do much fundraising; we just tried to provide support and cheer where needed. Thus, we are now in a growth year to get our budget back to pre-COVID times. Additionally, we are trying to increase student enrichments beyond the in school programming which has historically been in place and which we continue to support. 

Taking into consideration our other sources of income and the outreach at Hale, the suggested amount of support needed is $50 per student. We understand that every family has different circumstances, and we remain grateful for donations of any size. 

To make your donation, please visit our dedicated online donation portal at or alternatively, you can send cash or a check payable to Stow Parent Teacher Organization. 

Thank you,

Kara Killough (SPTO President/Center Representative), Marcy Eckel (SPTO Vice President/Hale Representative), Maureen Mazzone (SPTO Secretary), Michela Mathur (SPTO Co-Treasurer), Andrea Kennedy (SPTO Co-Treasurer), and Sarah Morgan (SPTO Web Design)