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SPTO Fundraiser


Monies raised are used for STEAM programs in classrooms, after school clubs run by school teachers, All School meetings and presentations. All students directly benefit from these programs.

Bonus for you: There is nothing you need to sell, and no volunteering required!

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We respect that everyone is different. Therefore fundraising options should be different. Take a look at our 2021/2022 fundraising vision to see what options we are aiming to offer.


2021/2022 Fundraising Vision:


Foster a Sense of Community

  • Family Photo Shoot (Fall)
  • Sweet Tomatoes Pizza Night 3/1/2022 (more dates to follow) (Spring)


Promote School Pride

  • School Picture Day (efforts are supported by SPTO, commission earned goes directly to the principal fund - not toward the SPTO annual goal)
  • TBD Apparel Sale (promoting the new mascot, Center Foxes!)


Ignite an Appetite for Enterprise

  • Charleston Wrap


Donate (No Selling or Volunteering)

Non Fundraiser Fundraiser - donate at www.centerhalepto.org and make a donation online (Look for SPTO Non Fundraiser Fundraiser 2021, select the Donate button then select the amount, and provide your child’s name and grade to help us allocate to the correct school Center or Hale.)

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