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SPTO Fundraiser


Monies raised are used for STEAM programs in classrooms, after school clubs run by school teachers, All School meetings and presentations. All students directly benefit from these programs.

Bonus for you: There is nothing you need to sell, and no volunteering required!

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since 08/08/2016

2021/2022 Annual Goal: $20,000


The SPTO supports our students, teachers, and school in many different forms: volunteering, organizing social events and school programing, and raising funds for items not covered in the annual school budget.


On average, the SPTO spends $40 per child to fund:

  • School-wide Assemblies
  • STEAM Enrichment Programing (by grade level)
  • After School Clubs Run by Center School Teachers
  • Community Events (i.e., arts, culture, family support)


Over the years the SPTO has had to stop funding certain things because of cost increases. If we are able to surpass our goal of $20k, we might be able to bring some fun and educational enrichments back to our school! Examples of what is no longer funded are:

  • Busses for class trips
  • Staff support and holiday gifts
  • Staff appreciation week (in recent years we’ve had to make a specific ask for appreciation week - so it didn’t get lost completely, it’s just one more ask we make of you)
  • Scholastic News and Science Times (teacher’s are now responsible for this if they choose to use)
  • Author Events
  • Moving-up Receptions


If you haven’t given to the annual Non Fundraiser Fundraiser or participated in any of our fundraisers to date, we ask that you consider contributing to the Non Fundraiser Fundraiser as it is the easiest way to contribute. There is nothing to sell and no volunteering needed. Just go to www.centerhalepto.org and make a donation online.


We respect that everyone is different, so if you are looking for other ways to contribute throughout the year whether it’s a fundraiser that’s fostering a sense of community, promoting school pride, or igniting an appetite for enterprise - there will continue to be options for everyone!


We appreciate your support in any form!



Looking for more details? Here they are!


SPTO funds raised to date (since September 2021):

50% of goal raised through Non Fundraiser Fundraiser

12% of goal raised through Family Photo Shoot

9% of goal raised through Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

4% of goal raised through Halloween Dance (note: this is a social event and not relied upon annually to meet fundraising goals)


Examples of what the SPTO funds have gone to in the past:

  • The last school-wide assembly was in 2019, and we hope to start this up again as restrictions allow. In 2019 Sam Drazin shared his story on what it means to be different and how kindness and empathy are so important at all ages. You can learn more about Sam Drazin and his work at http://samdrazinspeaking.com/.
  • STEAM enrichment programing
    • Extreme Science (all school)
    • Fossils & Dinosaurs, Pumpernickel Puppets, Crocodile River Music (K)
    • Tanglewood Marionettes - Hansel & Gretel, Theatreworks USA, New England Aquarium Tide Pools (1)
    • Rainforest Reptiles, Tanglewood Marionettes - Cinderella, Bug Works (2)
    • North American Indian Culture, High Touch High Tech, Animal Adventures (3)
    • In Good Company, Lights & Lasers (4)
    • Chemistry Lab, States of Matter, Black Hole - Blue Star Planetarium (5)
  • After school clubs (e.g., coding club)
  • Some community events that the SPTO funds are the arts buffet, rock decorating in 2020, reading comprehension webcast for parents in 2021, managing anxiety session for parents (to be co-sponsored with SEPAC and district PTOs) in 2022

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