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SPTO Fundraiser


Monies raised are used for STEAM programs in classrooms, after school clubs run by school teachers, All School meetings and presentations. All students directly benefit from these programs.

Bonus for you: There is nothing you need to sell, and no volunteering required!

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Hello Friends of the Center Hale PTO!
Are you looking for a low stress way to help out the teachers at Center School?
Do you have an hour or two to make copies and organize papers?  
Project Prep is looking for volunteers to go to Center School on Wednesday mornings or Thursday afternoons to make life easier for our hard working teachers by doing prep work for them.
We’ll help you get a CORI (required for in school volunteering) or make sure yours is current.  
You can sign up for one shift or plan to go regularly.  It is an easy and fun way to help out! 

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