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since 08/08/2016

Stow Parent Teacher's Organization Committees

5th Grade Celebration
Chair:   Jen Morhous

A committee to organize and run the 5th Grade Celebration ceremony.

8th Grade Celebration
Chair:   Kara Herbertz

A committee to organize and run the 8th Grade Celebration.

Fun Run
Chair:   Megan McMichael and Jess Gale

This committee oversees the Run for the Kids, a 5k to raise money for Center Hale PTO, taking place in May.

Chair:   Jenn Lemaire and Kaitlyn Smith

Strengthening our school community through social events! This committee organizes serveral fun events, such as the Halloween party, to create more social opportunities for students, parents, and teachers.

Arts and Culture
Chair:   Kat Copeland

Throughout the school year, Center Hale PTO supports programs as well as collateral materials to supplement and enrich the curriculum. The Arts and Culture committee is tasked with implementing grade-level enrichment programs as well as all-school programs for Center and Hale. The committee is comprised of one parent liaison for each grade level. The parent liaison coordinates with a teacher lead to book programs in line with the current year's curriculum.

Arts Buffet
Chair:   Rosanne Peterson and Debbie Ferguson

This annual weekend event provides a fun day of kids' arts and crafts and the Center School Art Show. It provides a hands on opportunity for kids to explore art and also hosts student music performances. 

Box Tops
Chair:   April Sears

Let’s  clip some BoxTops! With your help, the money Center Hale PTO raises from your clipping and sending in "BoxTops" can fund an entire all-school arts & culture program! By turning trash into cash you will help Center Hale PTO and Center School.

If you have BoxTops please send them in with your child. A collection container is located in the lobby of the school. Come into the school and drop them off for yourself or put them in an envelope and give your child an assignment to drop them in the box when they walk in from the bus. It's fun and easy!

Twice a year, we submit BoxTops to General Mills. Our goal this year is to earn $1,000. That works out to 10,000 individual BoxTops.  Wow, that’s a lot of BoxTops! 

Center School Picnic
Chair:   Alicia Frigon

The Center School Picnic is a tradition going back at least 40 years. The Picnic is a celebration of the schools, the children, and their families. It's a community event with participation from all ages and is entirely staffed by SPTO volunteers. Parents enjoy meeting up with the other parents and working at the many volunteer positions at the picnic; the kids revel in the great party atmosphere. The picnic features food, games, music, and fun. At the games there are physical challenges for every age from toddler to teen. Each class contributes donations for Raffle Baskets which are usually chock full with the things kids love.

Chair:   Marcy Eckel and Cara Moreau

This committee is responsible for overseeing the success of our fundraising efforts.

Talent Show
Chair:   Kat Copeland

Center's Got Talent is a fun non-competitive performance open to students. Students choose a talent and work up a routine (often with friends), then perform on the stage. This Committee is tasked with all aspects of producing the talent show.

Project Prep
Chair:   Kathy Konno

Porject Prep service volunteers provide the teachers assistance with photocopying, laminating and other class project preparation needs. Volunteers sign up for one day a month (or as your schedule permits) to work on requests from the staff at school. The average time commitment is 1-2 hours per volunteer day. 

Please consider helping us in this very important role! To sign up, please login into your account and you will find a link to under Documents>Project Prep!


Staff Appreciation Committees
Chair:   Center School - Jenn Lemaire and Meredith L'Hommedieu / Hale Middle School - open

The Staff Appreciation Committees are responsible for planning and organizing events and meals for Center and Hale Middle School staff during (or near) national Staff Appreciation Week. Members of these committees help with coordinating donations of food and drinks, decorations as well as set up and clean-up of various events and meals. Most importantly, the committees are always looking for fresh ideas! 

Volunteer Services
Chair:   Jen Morhous

In addition to all the volunteer opportunities available through our events, we also provide a number of services. This committee coordinates volunteers for Office Support, School Picture Day, Lunchroom Support and Hearing Screening. Each year we sponsor Wishing Snowflakes. The wishes are ideas from the teachers themselves for gift giving during the holidays. 

SPTO Board
Chair:   Center School and Hale Middle School

Center School Chair - Jen Morhous

Hale Middle School Chair - Kara Herbertz