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Donations collected now build the budget for the 2024/2025 school year and go toward student enrichment and staff appreciation. The Center and Hale combined fundraising goal is $60,000.

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Stow PTO Committees

Art Room Volunteer
Chair:   TBD

Mrs. Cullinane is seeking committed volunteers to help with prep, organization, and exhibiting art work.

Class Representative Committee
Chair:   Kaitlyn Smith

This committee consists of all class representatives who have volunteered to help a specific teacher throughout the year with an tasks the teacher requests. Class representatives typically organize holiday gifts and end of year gifts for the teacher as well. They are also responsible for the class door decoration as part of staff appreciation week in May.

Chair:   Kate Forrestall

Strengthening our school community through social events! This committee organizes serveral fun events, such as the Halloween party, to create more social opportunities for students, parents, and teachers.

Email with any questions.

Staff Appreciation Committee
Chair:   TBD

This committee is responsible for staff appreciation week which takes place in May. Refer to the Staff Appreciation Week tab under the Committees menu for 2023 details.

In-School Programming / STEAM
Chair:   Kat Copeland

Throughout the school year, Center Hale PTO supports programs to supplement and enrich the curriculum. The In-School Programming Committee is tasked with implementing grade-level enrichment programs as well as all-school programs for Center and Hale. The committee is comprised of one parent liaison for each grade level. The parent liaison coordinates with a teacher lead to book programs in line with the current year's curriculum.

Email if you have questions or would like to help!

Chair:   Mallory Sidorchuk

This committee is responsible for overseeing the success of our fundraising efforts.

Email with any questions.

Project Prep
Chair:   Jenny Wu

Project Prep volunteers provide the teachers assistance with photocopying, laminating and other class project preparation needs. Volunteers sign up for one day a month (or as your schedule permits) to work on requests from the staff at school. The average time commitment is 1-2 hours per volunteer day. 

Please consider helping us in this very important role! 

Email with any questions.

SPTO Board
Chair:   Center School and Hale Middle School

Center School Chair - Kara Killough

Hale Middle School Chair - Ilana Gordon-Brown

Treasurer - Michela Mathur

Secretary - Maureen Mazzone

Web Coordinator - Sarah Morgan

email with any questions.